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Temperature Display


  1. Temperature Display Does Not Stay On
  2. Improper Temperature Display

PROBLEM 1: Temperature Display Does Not Stay On

  • On Samsung fridges, the temperature display will turn off to save energy. However, sometimes people may think the display is broken.

SOLUTION 1: Your Display Saves Energy

It is normal if the temperature display on your fridge does not stay illuminated. It turns off automatically to save energy.

  • Please press the the buttons on your control panel to see the temperature. The temperature should be displayed automatically.

*If you have pressed one of these buttons and the temperature display does not light up at all, your unit requires service.

PROBLEM 2: Improper Temperature Display

  • Some customers claim that the displayed temperature does not match the fridge's actual temperature.

SOLUTION 2: Different Factors Can Affect Cooling

If your display is showing a different temperature than the factory default set temperatures, it could be because:

  • Your fridge was unplugged, the power went out, or the fridge was plugged in for the first time.

    • If one of these situations has happened to you, please set the refrigerator to Power Cool and Power Freeze modes until the unit returns to your desired operating temperature.

  • Your fridge may be in Demo Mode. It is in Demo Mode if the display is showing "OF" (or "OF OF").

    • To disable Demo Mode (also know as Cooling Off mode), please touch and hold the Energy Saver and Power Freeze buttons on the display panel simultaneously for 3 seconds. Please hold it until you hear a distinctive chime sound and both temperatures for the freezer and fridge are displayed.

If your fridge was in Demo Mode, the compressor will not come on for at least 5 Minutes after Demo Mode has been cancelled.


Please contact our technical support team so that we can further troubleshoot your product over the phone and determine if service is needed. Click the phone support button below to receive a transaction number which will provide the technical support agent with the details of this session.

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