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Control Panel Not Illuminated


  1. The Control Panel Is Not Illuminated


PROBLEM 1: The Control Panel Is Not Illuminated

General Information

  • Sometimes the control panel does not illuminate. This may be to save electricity. However, if your fridge does not illuminate at all or does not respond, this could indicate a problem.

SOLUTION 1: Check The Electricity

If your control panel is not illuminated at all and will not respond to any commands, please perform the following:

  • Please unplug the refrigerator for 30 seconds to reset it.

    • AGENT ONLY: This is OK to tell the customer. Generally, we don't advise unplugging the unit because it erases the diagnostic information which the technician needs, but this is a time when it's acceptable to unplug the refrigerator.

  • Please make sure the fridge is plugged into an outlet properly, or that the refrigerator's electrical outlet has power. Please try plugging in another device into the outlet to see if it is working properly.

  • If the doors have been recently removed, please check your fridge's harness connection. It's possible that the electrical connection (which would provide power to the display panel) was not properly hooked together when the doors were reattached.

  • If the unit was recently installed, please contact your installer to see if the electrical harnessing was attached properly.

*If the control panel is still not lighting up after you have taken these steps, your fridge requires service.

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