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Temperature Display Is Blinking


  1. Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Display Is Blinking

PROBLEM 1. Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Display Is Blinking


The temperature display or temperature bar on your fridge will blink if the temperature inside the fridge is above 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It will automatically stop blinking after the temperature goes back down.

Usually, the temperature in the fridge rises because a door has been left open, or the refrigerator is recovering from a recent power outage. However, if you think your fridge has a cooling issue, you will need to take additional troubleshooting steps. Please see our guide on Not Cooling.

Some refrigerators have a small control panel for a middle drawer, like a deli drawer. If the lights on this panel are blinking, unplug the refrigerator or turn off power at the circuit breaker for 2 minutes. Power the fridge back on, and wait 1 minute.

If the lights are still blinking, service is required.

It takes up to 4 hours after the refrigerator is plugged in for it to cool to normal temperatures.


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