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Auto Water Fill Pitcher Doesn't Fill


1. Auto Water Fill Pitcher Doesn't Fill

PROBLEM 1: Auto Water Fill Pitcher Doesn't Fill


If your pitcher is not filling, the solution could be as simple as turning the setting on.

1. Dispense water to confirm the water line is connected. If water does not dispense, troubleshoot that first. Please see our guide on water dispenser problems.

2. Unlock the control panel of the refrigerator. On some fridge models, the Auto Fill feature will not work unless the control lock is unlocked. To fix this, touch and hold Door Alarm or Control Lock until you hear a chime (about three seconds). Remember that the control panel will automatically lock itself again in one minute.

Note: If you have a Family Hub fridge, skip to Step 3.

3. Turn on the Auto Water Fill or Autofill Pitcher setting. The steps for activating the Auto Fill feature will vary depending on the fridge model you have:

  • On regular fridges: Touch and hold Auto Water Fill or Fridge on the control panel until ON lights up.

  • On Family Hub Fridges: Using the Family Hub panel, tap Apps, and then tap Fridge Manager. Tap Fridge Settings, and then tap Auto Water Fill.

4. Close the door. The pitcher will not fill unless the door is closed.

If you experience an error code or if the Auto Water Fill indicator is blinking, see our error code guide for refrigerators. If your pitcher still does not fill, please request service.


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