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Water dispenses slowly


  1. Water dispenses slowly from refrigerator

PROBLEM 1: Water dispenses slowly from refrigerator


Dispensing speed is controlled by your home's water pressure. The only other part of the refrigerator that may affect water dispensing is the water filter or a kinked water line.

Note: The minimum speed and amount for the water to dispense should be 6 ounces (3/4 cup) in under 10 seconds.

1. Remove the water filter and try again. The water filter will always reduce water pressure slightly, but when it reduces water pressure by a significant amount, that means it's time for a new water filter. Use only Samsung brand water filters.

2. Make sure the water line is in good condition. If the water line is kinked, fix it and check for holes or damage to the line.

  • As long as the line is not damaged, further kinking in the same place can be prevented by wrapping duct tape around the kinked area.

  • If the line is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

3. Increase the water pressure. Open the home's water supply valve more fully to increase water pressure. If the home's water supply valve is already open all the way, the home's water pressure is too low.

The refrigerator requires water pressure of at least 30 psi. Most city water is around 60 psi. However, filtering systems such as reverse osmosis can significantly reduce water pressure.

If the home has low water pressure, a booster pump may be needed to get the water pressure to the appropriate level. For further assistance, contact a plumber.


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