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My Refrigerator Leans Back


Refrigerator Leaning Back



General Information

  • Samsung refrigerators are designed to lean back at a 4-degree angle. This slight backward tilt helps the doors shut easily, supports ice production, and prevents water from leaking into the fridge from the evaporator.


Solution :

Check The Floor And Legs

If you believe your fridge is leaning too far back, please perform the following:

  • Please make sure the floor underneath your fridge is level. If the floor is not level, you may need to call an installer or carpenter to help even out the floor.

  • Please check that the legs are stabilized. Your user manual has complete instructions for adjusting the leveling legs. However, if you feel unsure about it, you can ask an installer to help you.


  • If you raise the fridge's legs all the way up, the refrigerator will be resting on 4 wheels (2 in the front and 2 in the back).

  • Samsung fridges only have leveling/stabilizing legs in the front. There are no leveling legs in the back.

AGENTS ONLY- If the fridge still leans back after the leveling legs have been adjusted, explain that this is not just a Samsung issue. This type of design has been used for years in the refrigerator manufacturing industry. If the evaporator is sitting vertically, melted ice and water will drip into the interior of the cavity. The leaning prevents water from pooling inside of the unit.

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